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The Shoestring Gardener

Whether you’re a novice or well-seasoned gardening enthusiast, I’ve put together a how-to guide that is brimming over with hundreds of creative ways to save money in all aspects of caring and tending for your the garden. I’ve also made sure to keep an emphasis on providing environmentally friendly and non-toxic gardening techniques, methods and procedures throughout the book.

Japanese Garden Design

5 Complete Garden Design Plans - This package contains 5 plans that contain everything you need to install a bespoke, custom designed Japanese Garden exactly to your personal and family needs. are covered from head to toe. These easy-to-understand plans will make your landscaping a breeze! Plans are in jpg and pdf format.

Gardening For Fitness And Fun

WORKING IN THE GARDEN PROVIDES A WELL-ROUNDED WORKOUT - Think about all you accomplish with a workout in the garden: Gardening tasks improve your endurance, flexibility and strength. The food you grow is fresh providing wholesome nutrition for the family. Your family learns the process of planting; nurturing and harvesting the food they eat. A 30-minute garden workout burns more calories than 30 minutes running. Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of participating in a project from start to finish.


Getting Started In Hydroponics

"Hydroponics how to" - Plants grown in hydroponics have their roots in a clean neutral media such as clay balls or perlite, instead of dirt. A nutrient solution is circulated to the roots via a pump or wick action. The plants don't have to waste energy developing a large root system because the food is delivered right to the roots. Since it no longer has to search for its food, the plant's growth and energy are redirected to lush foliage and abundant flowers and fruit.

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